What is Camp Joie?

In Togo, 10% of the population lives with a disability, but there is a gross lack of resources and education for these individuals and their families. Camp Joie is a 2- week summer camp designed to provide kids living with disabilities the resources and education necessary to help actuate their full potential.  Kids come from every region of Togo to participate in activities and sessions designed to engender self -confidence, educate healthy living techniques, and create leaders that can serve as models in their communities.

Throughout the week, kids receive information on sexual health, hygiene, malaria prevention, as well as information on gender equality, good communication, and creating goals for their future taught by peace corps volunteers and Togolese counterparts.  The kids also have the opportunities to make friends and discuss difficulties they have faced in a safe, supportive environment.

To reach organizers Lyle Mikowicz or Meredith Magulak at Camp Joie, please email campjoie@gmail.com

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For more information on Peace Corps Togo, please go to http://togo.peacecorps.gov